Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Safety and Security in Dhow dinner Cruises in Dubai

Dinner Dhow Cruises are fully safe and secure in terms of Tourists life, There are life jackets available in every dinner dhow cruise just under the buffet tables for adults as well as children.

The life jackets were not being sink into the sea and its safe the life in case of emergency on board, There were also fire extinguishers on board in case there is any emergency situation. 

At dinner Dhow cruises 2 engines 2 generator, in case if one got out of  order the alternative should be stand by any time. 

The Captain and crews very much professional and good swimmer indeed they were also well trained to tackle emergency situation easily. 

The support from government is always single call away in case of emergency, they reached in sea to help and support within no time. 

From all aspect dinner dhow cruise is safe and secure and recommended to have a tour and enjoy

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