Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Open Dubai 5 stars Inner Palm Dinner Cruise

                                           5 Stars Dinner Cruise in Dubai Inner Palm

The Newly launched Inner Palm Dinner Dhow cruise, with its unique experience and thrill, the customer can enjoy the sight seeing view of the full and complete The Palm Jumariah view with the famous places, the boat it self is a fiber glass full luxury house boat, with main deck fully air conditioned and upper deck with open air and live cooking chef. Its a brilliant idea 

1. The Atlantis and Sheikh palace
2. Sofitel
3. Anantara
4. Rixos
5. Kimpanski  and much more

The 2 hours cruising with dinner from the 5 star hotel, the fresh and good food served on board and the guests can take their own food from open buffet.

Its a unique and extra ordinary experience for tourists and guests all over the world to come and see the man made Palm. 

below is the route map of palm Cruise for review. 

Dubai Happiness Fresh Fruit and Salad Dinner Cruises

                                      Fresh Fruit and Salad in Dubai Dinner Cruises 

The freshness and taste of cut sliced fruits and fresh salad, one must say "WOW" in the dinner dhow cruises. The professional chef the standardized catering and hotel, preparing the fresh items and stuff for upcoming valued tourists / guests / and customers to enjoy and remember for long time, Dubai specialty and hospitality. 

Dinner Dhow cruises provides such variety of freshness and variety to different cultural people on board in the food, fruits, salad and custard, Guests enjoyed a lot and prefer the cruising to friends and family members when they go back. 

The expert Chefs from different countries available in Dubai's hotel and catering producing quality food with new style and design keeping in view the standard and hygiene. 

So the customers enjoying the authentic and variety of food while cruising in Dubai Dinner Dhow cruises in Deira and marina. 

Its a good opportunity for people to enjoy the fresh and halal food on board and enjoy.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Competition in Dubai Dinner Dhow Cruises

                                          Competition in Dubai Dinner Dhow Cruises

Dubai provide a wide range of platform for entrepreneurs, to promote businesses in service industry, keep in view the tours and excursions, many investors promote dinner dhow cruises.

The sustainability only of good quality and services, as there are so many dinner dhow cruises / floating restaurants in Dubai, its all depends upon the customers feedback. 

The ranking and standard of dhow dinner cruises increase by good reviews of customers, so the management of dhow cruises are improving their quality and services in order to impress customers and be the best in the market. 

Mostly the dhow cruise company got their own kitchen and catering,where they supply food on daily basis to dinner dhow cruises.

Where as most of the quality dhow cruises order from reputed hotel 4 star and above with a plenty of variety in food.

There is competition among the Dhow cruises in regards to their services, quality and food, so those who rated 4 star or 5 star remain the best in online reviews and customer mostly like it to ride it again, where as new customer also book according to the best review.  

Monday, March 12, 2018

Delicious Dubai Dinner Dhow cruises

                                                           Dhow Cruises of Dubai

Dinner Dhow cruises got the most attraction among the tourist and common people in Dubai, the sophisticated way of its operations in routine on daily basis in the evening time, the unique way of cruising in Deira, Canal, bur dubai and marina Cruises.

Tourists enjoyed most of it while cruising, they got a Delicious both veg and no veg buffet dinner, with its freshness and International standard for the valued Guests on board. 

Special occasion and celebrations have been arranged on dinner dhow cruises  even the full private cruise or on sharing basis few tables could be booked, there had always been arrangements for decoration with balloons and happy birthday stickers. 

People enjoying their special movements while cruising in Dubai smooth water sea area, and getting amused.

The weather is changing now a days, now the guests would prefer to sit in main deck fully air conditioned and would only go for photos to upper deck.

Dhow cruises in Dubai make a good name in the heart of Tourists. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Smooth moving Dubai Dinner Dhow Cruises

                                                 Taste of Dubai Dinner Dhow Cruises

The tasty lavish and open buffet dinner serving at Dubai dinner dhow cruises, the most affordable, stylish and tasty.

Normally people pay 60 aed per head while having buffet dinner, where as you can have with the same price or less all buffet dinner, with 2 hours cruising and entertainment, its all in Dubai Cruising. 

Most of the Dhow Cruises having wifi facilities for the customers to get connected with their near and dear while on visit to Dubai.

people / visitors enjoying to have dinner while moving the cruise in the smooth sea, because the weather and atmosphere they enjoyed the most and remember for long time.

Children mostly enjoying the puppet show, magic show and horse show and they are insisting to come again and again with their parents. 

There are specially noddles and sweets dishes for adults and children to enjoy with its freshness.

Dinner dhow cruises got always a good reputation and prestige in the field of Dubai Tourism. 

Eid Ul Fitr Celebrations in Dubai Dinner Dhow Cruise

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