Sunday, August 12, 2018

Event celebrations at Dubai Dhow Cruises

Dinner Dhow Cruises are famous in Dubai for Tourists and residents to enjoy the evening with families and friends.

Following Event are being done regularly in Dinner Dhow Cruises:

  1. Birthday party
  2. Marriage ceremony 
  3. Get together 
  4. Anniversary celebration 
  5. Office party 
  6. Private Cruising  

The above celebrations were being done in Dubai Dinner Dhow Cruises either in Deira Dubai or marina Dubai, Customers coming to the cruises to see and select as per their requirement and budget, they pay some advance for the their upcoming event. 

The Dhow Cruises staff decorate the dhow cruises as per the the requirements and understanding with the customers. 

The customers than pay the balance complete amount to the dhow cruise manager at the counter before sailing the cruise and they start their trip with their guests. 

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