Saturday, April 14, 2018

Modern Dubai Ramadan Dinner Dhow cruises

                                                    Dubai Ramadan Dhow cruises 

Dubai - UAE is a religious country and give high value and respect to Islamic months and occasion. Just yesterday was a dry day in account of Isra wal Miraj, which was announced by DTCM and there was no music and entertainments and done successfully from Friday 13th April till 14th April pm.

Ramadan is the spiritual month for Muslims all over the world and it is said that its the charity of the human body in a year to remain fit and healthy. 

Dubai Dhow cruises operating special cruise called Iftar ( fasting opening ) Cruises in Dubai Deira Creek and Dubai Marina.

The Menu is traditional stuff like fresh dates, samosa, pakora, Rohafza soft drinks and many other different variety of food for iftar. 

most of the companies in Dubai arranging iftar parties in Dinner dhow cruises  with their staff and delegation from foreign countries. 

Normally Iftar dinner dhow cruises happening for 1 hours and maximum 1 and half over as keeping in view the prayers and tarawee.

The boarding time just 30 minutes before the Mgrab prayers where as the people on board having open fasting. 

Its the better experience with family and friends.

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