Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Competition in Dubai Dinner Dhow Cruises

                                          Competition in Dubai Dinner Dhow Cruises

Dubai provide a wide range of platform for entrepreneurs, to promote businesses in service industry, keep in view the tours and excursions, many investors promote dinner dhow cruises.

The sustainability only of good quality and services, as there are so many dinner dhow cruises / floating restaurants in Dubai, its all depends upon the customers feedback. 

The ranking and standard of dhow dinner cruises increase by good reviews of customers, so the management of dhow cruises are improving their quality and services in order to impress customers and be the best in the market. 

Mostly the dhow cruise company got their own kitchen and catering,where they supply food on daily basis to dinner dhow cruises.

Where as most of the quality dhow cruises order from reputed hotel 4 star and above with a plenty of variety in food.

There is competition among the Dhow cruises in regards to their services, quality and food, so those who rated 4 star or 5 star remain the best in online reviews and customer mostly like it to ride it again, where as new customer also book according to the best review.  

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